Perfectionism is one of my character flaws. I’m scared to release my projects because they don’t seem good enough to me. Despite this, I’ve managed to record a song. It’s a cover of Mossy Woodland by Javelin, a band I listened to a lot in college.

I’m happy with how it turned out. Especially since I’ve owned that mic for a year without actually finishing a recording. I’m not sure what inspired me to, but I finally got over myself to make this.

Here are some of the anxieties that I had, and the sacrifices I made to push through them.

  • I can’t quite understand all the original lyrics. 🤔
    • I made up the words where I needed to.
  • I’m not in sync with myself. 😭
    • Slept on it, did a couple more takes in the morning, and left it at that.
  • I’m out of tune. 😢 
    • Great! Perfectly captured how I sing. 
  • The audio mix between the parts isn’t perfect. 😤
    • It was Sunday evening and if I didn’t release it now, I’d probably never finish it.

Despite all my anxieties, I persevered. I’m singing a song on the internet for everyone to listen to. It’s not the perfect cover, but it’s me. I’m perfect at being me.

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