I’m about to head to Magfest 2024, and I arranged a piece of music to play with friends. “In P” is Phendrana Drifts from Metroid Prime in the style of “In C”.

Download links to printed scores

Instructions on how to play

(based on In C Instructions for Beginners)

  1. Any number of people can play this piece on any instrument or instruments (including voice).
  1. The piece consists of 21 melodic patterns to be repeated any amount of times. You can choose to start a new pattern at any point. The choice is up to the individual performer!
  1. Performers move through the melodic patterns in a forward order. But also feel free to drift back to earlier patterns if you’re inspired to do so!
  1. If any pattern is too technically difficult, feel free to move to the next one.
  1. Feel free to transpose a pattern by an octave.
  1. Sometimes it is better to just listen and not play.
  1. The piece ends when the group decides it ends. When you reach the final pattern, repeat it until the entire group arrives. Once everyone has arrived, let the music slowly die away.
  1. Similarly to “In C”, someone can play an eighth note pulse played on the high c’s of a piano or on a mallet instrument to help keep time.
  1. Differently than “In C”, many of these patterns are either 4 bars or 8 bars. I’m unsure how divergent from each other these should be played. Experiment!

Credits and thanks

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